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Five Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Can Pre Make

Mornings can be very tricky especially when you have a lot to do and also to get to work. Therefore, the best way, as many people found it to be, is to make pre-made breakfasts. This way, they will only need to warm…

7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For The Entire Week

These healthy breakfast ideas are quick to prepare.Smoothie Bowl-Frozen Fruit,Coconut Water,Banana,Strawberries,Shredded,Coconut Flakes,Chia Seeds,Honey,Granola. Egg Salad-Boiled eggs,Cucumber ,Tomatoes,Parsley. Avocado Toast- Avocado,Bread,Cucumber ,Tomatoes. Protein / Energy bars- Nuts,Oats,Dried Cranberries,Shredded Coconuts,Chia Seeds,Honey,Dates Paste,Almond Milk,Peanut Butter.The Skinny Fork. Berry and Yogurt Smoothie.