Mornings can be very tricky especially when you have a lot to do and also to get to work. Therefore, the best way, as many people found it to be, is to make pre-made breakfasts. This way, they will only need to warm the meal (if necessary), partake of it and be on their way. Some of the pre-made breakfasts you can consider are as follows.

Sweet Potatoes With Yogurt, Maple Syrup, And Nuts

This is very simple and straightforward. You can bake your sweet potatoes at night. All you have to do in the morning is to warm up the sweet potatoes in the oven. Get your yogurt and maple syrup ready. Cut the sweet potatoes open, pour in some yogurt, add a little maple and top it up with some nuts. You are ready to go.


One amazing thing about a frittata is that you can make it for dinner and have the leftovers preserved to serve as breakfast. You can also make them purely for breakfast. Just ensure that you fill the frittata with nutritious ingredients of herbs and vegetables. When you wake up in the morning, all you need to do is warm the frittata up, and you will be ready.

Egg Casserole

Take the number of eggs you would like as well as the rest of your ingredients for making the casserole. Bake your egg casserole at night and safely store it in your refrigerator. In the morning, warm it up and top it up with your best choice of cheese. It will give you the extra flavor, and you will enjoy your breakfast.


There are so many ingredients that you can use to make a very delicious muffin for your family. Whether you use nutmegs and pieces of pears or any other ingredients of your liking, muffins are a perfect way to ensure that you have something ready to go for breakfast. Now you can easily skip the muffins at the coffee shop.

Bread Boats Made of Sausage, Egg, And Cheese

These bread boats are tasty and can get your appetite for breakfast rising every morning. The combination of the ingredients will make your breakfast heavenly. The best thing about this breakfast is that you can make enough to last the whole week.

With these pre-made breakfasts, you will make your mornings easy and delightful. This is an excellent way of managing time and ensuring that your mornings are not messy and confused.